Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Fundr?

    Fundr is an all-in-one online platform for a hassle-free, no cash-out/no capital t-shirt fundraising! All you'll need to do is create your shirt designs and market your products while Fundr handles the production, payments and delivery​. Your profit will be available upon confirmation of each sale.

  • How does Fundr work?

    Basically, Fundr lets you earn by selling online with no upfront cost. To learn more on how to create a Fundr and start raising funds, visit our How It Works page.​

  • Who can start a Fundr​

    Any person, company, or organisation can start a Fundr. This is simple and quick to launch!

  • How long will my products be available?

    You can set how long you want your products to be available. Through the Fundr Dashboard, you have the liberty to whether activate or deactivate your products - limited edition or permanently available.

  • How do I market my shop?

    We highly recommend you to create social media pages for your shop so you can reach out to thousands of friends, family members, and potential supporters in seconds. Share your shop's URL via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or in any media form where it could garner support. For advanced techniques, try adding Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixels on your shop to see how effective your marketing campaigns are. This can be configured on your own Fundr Dashboard.

  • How much can I earn through Fundr?

    You have the liberty to set how much you want to earn per product. Say, cost (base price) to produce the shirt is P200 and you sell it at P450, you will earn P250 per item sold. If supporters have bought 300pcs in total, you earn P75,000.​​

  • How will I get my profit?

    YYour profit will be available upon confirmation of each sale. Note that a 5% service fee (platform usage and subscription) will be charged from the total withdrawal. You may view and withdraw your funds via Fundr Dashboard, pick the check up in our Headquarters office or request for bank deposit.

  • Is there a target number of orders required before the items will be produced?

    Fundr produces the orders even if it’s just one piece or 100 pieces.

Payments and Delivery

  • Do you sell to buyers abroad?

    All international payments are accepted via Paypal/credit card. International payments are converted to Philippine Peso (Php). We accept all forms of the following payments:

    • Paypal Credit and Debit Card: Visa and Master Card
    • Bank Account and Net Banking: BancNet
    • Pay by others: Globe Gcash and Smart Money
    • PayCash (Over-The-Counter) thru BPI deposit and BDO deposit​
    • BPI and BDO online transfer
    • Non-Bank Payment Partners: Bayad Center and EC Pay
  • How do buyers get the shirt?

    Shirts are shipped directly to their indicated shipping address.

  • Do you have international shipping?

    The campaign shirts can be shipped nationwide and worldwide. Additional shipping cost will be indicated depending on your shipping location​.

  • When do buyers receive the shirts?

    Shirts will be shipped within 7 working days upon confirmation of their payment.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

    The shipping fee will be indicated depending on your shipping location.

Products and Design

  • How do I design my products

    Through the Design App, you can create your products by adding texts using our free fonts or uploading your own logo/design. We recommend PNG images that allows transparent pixels for the background of your design.

  • Can I get help from a designer?

    We have in-house designers to help you create your shirt designs. Our Design Fee is Php 2,000.00 inclusive of 2 revisions. For design requests, feel free to send us an email.

  • Can I sell more than 1 design and several shirt colors?

    You can sell multiple designs on your shop and it is recommended for you to categorize them into Collections. Customize the shirt colors to white, black, gray and navy blue. More shirt colors will be available soon.

  • Is it ok to use an official logo, brand or graphic?

    Official graphics used on everything from album covers to football jerseys are protected property.

    To use images protected by trademark or copyright in a design, we first need permission from the owner or trademark holder. Normally the licensing department of a major sports franchise, a band's management or even a listed university faculty member can give permission.

    We need approval to print any protected content for:

    • Bands/Musicians
    • Celebrities
    • TV/Movies
    • Colleges
    • Pro-Sports
    • Greek
    • Brand Logos/Names
    • Disney

    If you have written permission to use the image, please submit it to us at contact us page. If not, we can remove those parts of the design or help you replace them with something from our fantastic artwork collection. Don't worry if we do need to change your design! We're here to help you create something you will love as much as the original. Contact us at fundr@customthread.com for more information.

  • What type of products can I sell?

    For now, you can only place your designs on shirts. We’ll keep you updated once more products are made available.

  • What kind / type of fabric is used for the shirt?

    All shirt designs will be printed through Direct-to-Garment using 100% Cotton Shirts.

  • Is it possible to remove the Branded Size Tag on my design?

    By default, all shirts come with Branded Size Tag. However, if you are to launch a brand and you wish to have the Branded Size Tag removed, you may send us a request via email. We make sure that we provide your brand the best visibility as possible.


  • What is Fundr Dashboard?

    As a shop owner, you can track the progress of your shop through the dashboard. Not only that, but you can manage your earnings through the Funds section of your dashboard. We are continuously improving the features of the dashboard, and we'll keep you in the loop for updates in the future!

  • How do I access the Fundr Dashboard?

    To access your dashboard, you just need to sign in, click on your profile on the top right of the page, then click Dashboard, or simply click here if you’re already signed in.