Power up your community with a tee

Mission & Vision

Nothing bonds a team like t-shirt. Fundr helps you create that bond by making an easy platform where you can create and sell t-shirts to your community.

Wear your cause loud and proud

Fundr helps NGO, Non-profit and other charities raise awareness by making a statement with a tee.

Boost your team spirit!

Are you part of a school-org, startup or online community? Get your team united by creating a shirt and earn extra cash.

Get your art on a shirt

Tshirts are a perfect canvas for your artwork. Fundr helps artists promote their work one shirt at a time.

#Team Fundr is

  • Made up of creative and dedicated individuals with 8 years experience in the apparel industry. Starting as SFE Inc., the company grew and was renamed to CustomThread to reflect a vibrant and fresher brand.
  • Excited to bring you the high-end retail quality of direct-to-garment printing with Kornit Avalanche pro. We’re one out of the 3 proud owners in the Philippines (the other two are: a private brand and a famous boxer from GenSan)
  • Fueled by an overflowing amount of coffee
  • Not just a group of humans - we got 2 golden retrievers in the HQ to keep us entertained!

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